Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo Parties

Do you want to earn your photography session for free???
Consider hosting a Photo Party!
Photo Parties are great for:
- High School Seniors
- Mom groups
- Extended Family (multiple family groups)
- Birthday Parties
- Preschools/Playgroups
- Bridal Showers
- Sports Teams
- Social Clubs
Gather a group of at least 10 friends/family and your session is free!
Here's how it works:
- Cost is $20 per person (or family group) and includes (1) 5x7 print per person (or family group) from session
- Each person (or family group) can purchase CD/DVD with 5 jpeg files for $50 or entire collection of their jpeg files on CD/DVD for $125. (includes soft edits only)
- Hostess organizes participants - takes approximately 2 hours for entire session. Session is a more informal/photojournalistic style but includes portraits as well.
- Hostess receives a CD/DVD of her entire collection of jpeg files on CD/DVD. (includes soft edits only)
- Any participant/hostess of the Photo Party can choose to have more extensive dramatic editing of their photos at $60 per hour (3 to 4 files can be done in about 1 hour)
- Terina Matthews Photography also offers albums
- Contact our office at 951.219.4026 to book your Photo Party today!

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