Wednesday, February 2, 2011

joy of love ~ {day 2}

So Logan is really sick 8(
He hasn't been this sick in a while! Poor baby...
He might look like a big tall man normally, but really my shaggy, blonde hair boy is only 15...and when he's sick, it's like he's 3 again!
He's been sleeping most of the past two days to try to shake whatever this bug is he has...I told him he could have a change of venue and come out to the livingroom on the couch...wasn't there but two minutes and he was out. So for today, again, he is the subject of my joy of reminded me that no matter how old my boys get, they will always be my babies! I used to sit and watch my boys sleep when they were little...they looked so innocent and and I needed those moments of peace and quiet to remind myself how precious they were ~ having 4 boys sometimes amongst the chaos of the day you forget...
Here is today's's of Logan

The light from our side window was very soft and hit his face perfectly...f4.8 shutterspeed 1/500th ISO 800 with no flash. In low light areas it's best to steady yourself/camera on a tripod, monopod or lean your arm on something to hold you still. I rested my arm on the couch to get the angle that I wanted.
I hope my baby gets better soon...he's even missing his soccer game today, which really tells you how bad he's feeling.

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