Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Faith Can Move Mountains...or in this case Files

Today I had a terrible thing happen - mother's & photographer's worse nightmare: an entire year of our personal pictures were erased off my external harddrive! My boys' graduation & promotion, my mother's graduation, all the pictures from our exchange student who was here with us for a sememster...irreplacable, precious memories GONE!
I shed hours of tears...salvaged as many files as I could find off of SD cards.
And after hours of watching me in my weepy, miserable state - my sweet husband said "pray and walk away!" 4 simple words...
I have faith but how are files that I've looked for and know in my heart of hearts are gone, miraculously going to reappear?
So I did...While I was not at the computer I texted my California BFF and she was shocked and gave me some ideas on where to look on the computer...and then I called my Utah BFF and sobbed to her. She like me is a tried and true scrapper and amature photog...they both felt my pain...
So one more time...I sat down at the computer and had a thought to relook in all the folders on my external harddrive...one more time (because I had already looked through each at least 10 times earlier). On the 13th folder...there is was...right at the top! I know for a fact it wasn't there earlier...because I not only went through each file, but even to make sure I was not missing anything, I went through each files, files!
I was so happy! I said a prayer of thanks! and hugged my hunny for reminding me that I needed a little faith and a bit more patience.
Texted both my BFF's...Here's their responses:
Julie (CA BFF): "Oh so good! Faith baby!"
Lara (UT BFF): "YEAH!!! Faith can move mountains or files as the case may be!"

Faith is believing in something not seen (and I was NOT seeing that missing folder)...I have faith!
So grateful and blessed!
thanks for letting me share :)

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