Monday, September 5, 2011

{2011} School Pictures - Part 1

Woke up this morning to a thunderstorm!
School Picture Day has been on the books every Labor Day for the past 6 years and never a drop of RAIN!
After shuffling a few appointments around, I was able to still get some between the microbursts this morning...
Clouds are looking dark and grey not sure if I'll be able to get the afternoon appointments in...may have to reschedule :/
Anyway...enough of me whining...haha
{UPDATE} the weather is not my friend! rest of the school shoots for today have been rescheduled due to rain enjoy the ones I was actually able to get in before the sky opened up - LOL!
Here are some of the ones I was able to do...more to follow

Can't believe my Korey is a SENIOR!

Logan is a Junior...I'm getting old! Love my sweet boys!

James is our friend who just graduated from High School...thought he needed some school pictures too...haha

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Foursons said...

Those are some very handsome young men and you took some beautiful shots of them. I love the lighting.