Monday, June 25, 2012

VanAuker {Family} ~ murrieta family photographer

I have lots of friends...I don't say that in a bragging way...rather, I find myself in a lot of organizations and thru church that I make lots of friends. BUT I only have a few friends that I consider more like my family than just a friend...I can count those on just over one hand...the VanAuker family is one such family. And even now, I find myself tearing up...because in a few short weeks, they will be moving a couple thousand miles away from me...{SIGH} ok...So the boy, was home from college for the weekend, and it was a great opportunity to snap a few family pics real quick. I promised the girlies a stylized shoot before they move...that will be in a week or so, but got the fam done. Just love them...I'm going to miss them all. ugh...before I get all sloppy and are a few of my favs...

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