Wednesday, August 21, 2013

San Diego Family photographer ~ Strapac {family}

It's funny how things come about...this is Danielle and her beautiful family. About 6 months ago or so we found each other again through this little thing called Facebook. You see, her mother and my mother have been friends since they were little girls...It's funny, but when we were little we really thought that we were cousins. Her mom after all was my Aunt Thelma! haha Over the years we kinda lost touch...getting married, moving away, raising get the picture. (no pun intended...well maybe a little) Anyway, fast forward a few years and about 6 months ago I had posted a picture of my sister, my mom and my grandma on Facebook and Danielle had seen it. So she sent me a message asking about photography and about my family, etc. She told me about this little venture she had going making these cute custom teepees. She asked if I'd like to use one as a prop for pictures sometime (uh ya!)...I had been wanting to make one and now I could have one done way better than I could have ever done it and get to see Danielle! How awesome is that!? We talked a bit about her needing to do some marketing on some different sites to get her beautiful teepees out there, and now the rest is history. I'm so glad I can say I knew her "when" lol...anyway, I'm just grateful that this whole thing brought us back together. I got the opportunity to spend a little time with her and her hubby and kiddos at their home taking some great pictures of their cute family! If you'd like to check out Danielle's can go to her FANPAGE. Enjoy a little sneak peek at her session:

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dannideniese2002 said...

These are all wonderful....can't wait to see them all. Thanks for the sneak peak ;)