Sunday, October 20, 2013

Murrieta / Temecula Family Photographer ~ Wilson {Family}

I just love the Wilson's! One of my favorite families! I met Laura when we moved to Murrieta a few years back. We worked together with the Young Women at church. Moving for me always meant reinventing your business (before Facebook and Social Media helped with marketing!)...building a clientele and it was getting to be that time of year when everyone wanted family pictures. Laura asked if I would do their family and if I minded doing a beach session. Well I had just moved from Orange County so that was what I was used to!!! Every year since that time...I have done family pictures for them and I'm so glad that I have these wonderful friends in my life! I was sad when at the beginning of the year they had to move out of state to Utah. I thought I wouldn't see them for some time...but I am so glad that twice in the past couple months I have been able to meet up with them. They were so awesome to come down to see Korey off right before his mission and then again to do pictures while they were visiting Murrieta...I can't believe how quickly time passes and the kids are growing up! It was bitter sweet with Alex gone on his mission...but I popped a picture in the collage of him from the mission field! Enjoy just a few of my favorites for now...

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