Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kid's Boy Scout Camp & Girl's Camp Fundraiser

So as most of you know...
I have 4 teenage boys ~ 3 of which really wanting to go to Boy Scout Camp this summer.
My BFF, Julie who is also my photography assistant and the other part of my brain ~ has 2 girls who would like to attend Girl's Camp through our church...
In order to do so, we need to raise all the money ourselves ~ normally the youth groups/scouts help by doing fundraisers, but not this year 8(
I have offered Fundraisers for school youth groups in the past and we have raised LOTS of money to help these now I find it necessary to hold a fundraiser in order to pay for the kids to go to camp.
I am normally a natual lite, outdoor photographer, but I do have a studio in my home and this is where we will be doing the studio sittings for this fundraiser...
ONE DAY ONLY: Saturday, June 4th from 2pm to 9pm
For just $25, we are offering a 10 minute, professional studio sitting.
From your sitting you can choose 3 files that will be emailed to you. (You will be able to see all of the pictures taken during your session on a proofing gallery and the 3 files you choose will be edited and then emailed to you.)
These files can be printed up to 4x6 prints on your own and are perfect for holiday cards, announcements, etc. (Enlargements can be purchased seperately - I will have info if you are interested)
100% of the funds will benefit the kids and send them to camp this summer.
There are a limited spots don't and schedule your family photo today! (951) 219-4026
Please share this with family and friends...
Korey, Logan, Trevor, Holly and Sarah appreciate your help!!!


Jenna said...

I wish we could! We'll have to try and get down there some time this summer and get some pics done though!

terina said...

Wish you could have been here too! It was so great! Just let me know when you're down here in CA and we'll get one done for you guys :)