Monday, January 30, 2012

I {heart} faces ~ Oh So Silly!

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is Oh So Silly!
Here's is a picture of my sister, Jaymee. {I heart her face!} It never fails...anytime I have the camera out ~ you can bet she's going to make a silly face...
On this particular day, my family came out to do family pictures. Jaymee's son, Sean was on leave from the Army at the time, so it was a perfect time to get together.
I had borrowed a fish-eye lens from a fellow photog friend...just to kinda check it out...well my family was more than willing to play along...especially my sister!
I had several pictures to choose from of my family making funny, silly faces...but everyone in my house voted Jaymee's fish lips picture the funniest. It got the most belly laughs! That is why Jaymee's fish lips ~ with the fish eye lens is my entry for I Heart Faces this week...enjoy

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tangie said...

haha!! this is so great -- those eyes! this reminds me that i'm sure i have a picture of my sister similar to this somewhere -- i should have posted that one for this week's entry!