Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sadie Hawkins {a Proposal} of sorts...

At today's game, (#3 Boy) Logan's friend, Courtney calls me over.
She tells me that she has come up with a plan to ask Logan to Sadie Hawkins but is not sure how to do it.
On a little soccer ball she wrote in red "Sadie Hawkins ? ... Courtney
Thinking quick and figuring his team mates would love to embarrass...opps...I mean help Courtney...LOL
I recruited Juan and Victor, two of Logan's friends on the team to present the ball to him after the team cheer at the end of the the way ~ their team won 3-1 so it was a good time to do this...
After the team broke from their cheer...Juan said "Wait we have something for Logan" and he gave him the ball.
He's reading it..
trying to figure out what he's reading...
And the light bulb goes on!!!
Coach says "Did Juan just ask you to Sadie Hawkins???" the team all laughs...

One of the players said "So what do you say?" Logan answered, "Uh Yes of course! You think I'd say no?" and then laughed.
Show me what it says Logan!!!!

thanks to Courtney for involving me so we could take some pictures to really embarrass him...oops...I mean preserve this memory! Hope you two have a great time at the dance!

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