Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Dresses {Amazing Prices}

Have I said how much I love Pinterest today? Ok...yes it's an addiction!
I also love my BFF Jules...because she said that she had found a wedding dress site on Pinterest and was floored by the prices. She said "I couldn't buy the material for a dress to make it that inexpensive!"
So I was intrigued...this by no means is an advertising ploy...I don't know this company but did see so many of their dresses pinned on many many Pinterest boards. This is a picture of the one I found on Jules' pin board.

The company's name is Fashion Wedding Dress
I looked around their site and SHOCKED at the pricing! I didn't see a dress over $250 and most dresses were under $200!
They weren't yucky 10 years ago styles...these were beautiful chic styles at way discounted prices!
If you didn't get the link above to check it it is again CLICK HERE
If I were getting married or had a daughter getting married...I would definitely check them out.
Let me know if you have done business with them and your experience. It would be nice to know.

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