Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project {366} - week in review

Just an ordinary, busy week at the Matthews' home
But definitely never a dull moment.
Here's a re-cap of the third week of 2012
Saw this great tutorial on Pinterest this last week. click here to see the original And really wanted to try it to see what it would look like. Took about 5 minutes to finish. I'm making the corsage and boutonniere for winter Sadie Hawkins and these are the colors Logan and Courtney chose...thought this would look nice in the corsage...will post more pictures later in the week of the finished projects and of course pre-dance...
Kurt came home this week from working in Northern Calif...only to have to work pretty much the whole weekend...grateful he has a job so not complaining too much. This is pretty much how date night looked for me this week. haha
Michael finally let me cut his hair! It was getting so long! The faux-hawk was a bonus on his part...miss my boys being little when I got to decide things for them! life was so much easier!
I love being in the right place at the right time...with my camera in hand! This is our Varsity Soccer Coach...and the cutest little kiddo! Coach made a good trade with the little guy...he had one of the game balls, so coach traded a cool blue swishy one for it...really sweet!
This is Dottie. She is our 4 legged baby. She has no idea that she is a dog. She thinks she's the princess! She goes with me on a drive almost everyday...even if it's just to run to the post office. It's her favorite thing to go for a ride with mom in the car.
Started off my week with making homemade cinnamon rolls...yum! Makes the house just feel cozy!

So there you have it.
Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.
Take a look around and snap a few pics of the people and things around you that are important in your life...
have a wonderful week

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